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Alfred Dunhill (30 September 1872 – 2 January 1959) was an English tobacconist, entrepreneur, and inventor. He is the progenitor of Alfred Dunhill Ltd. a London-based luxury goods company owned by Swiss company Richemont and the Dunhill tobacco products company owned by British American Tobacco (now two independently owned entities).

Also in 1924, Dunhill published The Pipe Book, a monograph that detailed the history of the smoking pipe. In the New York Times review of the book, the anonymous author credited Dunhill with making pipe smoking "a gentlemanly diversion". The book has rarely been out of print since its publication. Dunhill was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1925.

An unhappy reader rates Alfred Dunhill book as a Disappointing read: "I was disappointed with this book, first of all, it should be titled the history of the pipe. As this is indeed what it mostly is and secondly with its black and white plates and hand drawings I guess that little has changed within its covers since the 1940s! Being an owner of a few Dunhill pipes I would have liked to seen more info on pipe shapes, maintenance, etc instead of a rather amateurish history lesson....this book will either sit on a shelf gather dust, or end up in a charity shop very shortly."


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Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I was barely given any skills whilst I was in this work place."

Staff Member (Former Employee) says

"The head office staff think they are better than anyone else and the management team are simply a group of best friends who would let each other get away with anything. Store staff aren't helpful when you want to spend your asset account as they get low commission."

Store Director (General Manager) says

"Archaic practices in running business contributed to the unfortunate demise of the company iin the US."

Fashion Consultant (Former Employee) says

"It was a fun place to work at. Cons: commissions, no benefits"

Product Developer Leather Goods (Current Employee) says

"My role has allowed me to develop and progress in a product development role. I have taken responsibility to manage dedicated projects, allowing me to work closely with suppliers and manufactures to deliver leather goods, that represent the brand."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Alfred Dunhill full-time Cons: Poor upper management, based out of London so the US market is a bit neglected and poor communication down the entire management chain."


"I worked at Alfred Dunhill for less than a year Cons: Everything else. There is nothing positive to say about this place. Fear of getting fired all the time, lies about movement in the company, head office is a joke and doesn't listen to their employees . People leave and move on to better places because dunhill doesn't acknowledge staff and some reason keeps the main problem on and that is why the business is failing. P..."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Alfred Dunhill full-time Cons: There are so many negativities with this place. I don’t even know where to begin. The President for NA has no idea how to run this company, and is the number one reason why this company is suffering in the Americas. - The Brand P runs the company like it is a wholesale division; compares Outlet’s business to boutiques. - Traffic is none existence, CRM? Ha..what a joke… - Client no longer shops here because they have gone through multiple sales associates in less than a year… - Moral is so low, you are scared because you are going to get fired any day… - There is no standard training, you train each other, but wait..who else is left to train you when no one is there long enough to survive - Marketing for this brand is none existence..this is an established brand trying to capture clients, you cant see results when you don’t invest money in it - Horrible buy from the Brand P every season and doesn’t understands the Fashion Trend - False promises about growth within the brand - Requesting merchandise and trying to find out answers from corporate…Good Luck with that!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Alfred Dunhill full-time Cons: Where do I begin. Let's start with the brand President where much of the negativity and poor morale comes from. The lackluster morale trickles down to store level. For being so number hungry the brand P does not realize that the hire to fire mentality is actually costing more than investing in the good hires store management have made. The company is loosing clients as we speak due to the high turnover in Dunhill NA. Customers notice when their sales associate is now the third, fourth even fifth new face and now gone in the past six months. The commission taxes are very high at Dunhill. We are taxed 48% a full 10%+ more than other luxury brands. This is not something told during interviews. Also, Richemont prides themselves with promoting from within, this is not the case at Dunhill. Dunhill discourages its employees from transferring to other brands within the Richemont family. Dunhill is a brand that wants to be luxury but has no branding no marketing other than giving away free clothes and no pr. If you decide to work here be sure to have a plan b in the near future because chances are you are the next hire to fire."

Former Employee - Global PR Manager says

"I worked at Alfred Dunhill full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor management in the PR team, which consisted of being undermined and bullied on a daily basis. There was never any transparent conversation or friendly attitude within the team. Having a friendly, personable team is imperative when working in PR, however I was managed by someone that would bark orders and dismiss you with the wave of a hand. All my hard work was taken credit for and I just left each day feeling miserable and undervalued."

Former Employee - Marketing Coordinator says

"I worked at Alfred Dunhill full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Senior management and human resource team are the worst. No support and expect you to work overtime without paying or giving the time back to you, the senior directors have their own circle of friends and only look out for each other not the whole team."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Alfred Dunhill full-time for more than a year Cons: everything else - from the hr team to head office management"

Former Employee - Customer Service Manager says

"I worked at Alfred Dunhill full-time Cons: Too much politics and not enough action, very slow"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Alfred Dunhill full-time for more than a year Cons: 1) no training 2) no communication 3) Work ethic 4) HR availability/ access"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Alfred Dunhill full-time for more than 5 years Cons: toxic senior mgmt with no communication or empathy"

RB says

"Placed order online - they charged me. Next day order cancelled. Very disappointing."

Glenn Elliott says

"Dunhill is a great, iconic British brand. Promising the best in classic, British gentlemen's attire the flagship store "Alfred Dunhill House" off Berkeley Square in London should be an oasis of classic great service and flawlessly executed. Unfortunately it's not. I was lucky enough to receive a voucher, beautifully presented in a box with as shirt cuff, for a custom made short at Alfred Dunhill House. Unfortunately the beautifully fitted out house, in a listed building, is the best part of te service and the staff are sadly lacking. My shirt took 3 months longer than planned to produce. The order was lost several times and today, when I went to collect, I found the staff wet, listless and muddled. There is a cafe in a small courtyard at Alfred Dunhill House where you can smoke a cigar from their in-house merchant and enjoy a coffee. It's nicely designed but the waiter service was listless. A hot, smartly dressed barista with knowledge of good service was required, instead we had a guy who frankly seemed like he would rather be anywhere else. During my visit I entered the main store from the courtyard three times, but each time it seemed to take the doorman by surprise and he didn't manage to do his basic job of actually opening the door. Inside staff looked mildly bewildered that there were customers inside and as I stepped over items of rubbish on the floor and tried to avoid tripping over the heavily ruffled seagrass rug in the second room I realised I wasn't enjoying the retail experience. A stripy shirt caught my eye - not cheap at just under £200, but it appeared to have been recently pulled from a bag from China and was crumpled and in desperate need of an iron - who could have hung it on a hanger? Surely not someone engaged with and proud of the Dunhill brand. Overall, it's a beautiful building with a good range of attire and is dreadfully executed by staff. If I was the GM I would fire at least 50% if not 75% of the staff and start again. Heaven only knows why Dunhill think it's good enough - guys, it just frankly is not. G"

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